Cieran Kelso Fund

Cieran is a healthy 9 year old boy despite having dealt with more physical hardship than most of us adults. Cieran was born a healthy 6lb 2oz on the 24/05/2005 at Chester hospital. 13 months later, just a week after he started walking, he was struck down by Meningococcal Septicaemia and as a result lost both legs from below the knee and lots of fingers leaving him only one full finger. Every day we smile, laugh and cry with him knowing it could have been very different. Now Cieran faces life head on and is able to get around in his wheelchair and also with his current set of prosthetic legs.

Cieran's Trust Fund has been started to give Cieran not only the best legs that he deserves but also to give him a bright and happy future. At present we are supplied with NHS funded legs, however these are heavy, cumbersome, uncomfortable and with limited ankle movement, all of these factors contributing to Cieran only wearing his legs for around 5 hours per day. We are looking to raise money for Cieran to visit a private clinic where he will be fitted with custom made, high-tech, high-definition prosthetic legs. To begin with we are looking at upwards of £6,000 per leg, these will only increase in price as he gets bigger and his legs need to be made bigger. So as you can imagine our fundraising is something of a necessity and also a life-long challenge for us all.

In time we would like to think that Cieran can also enjoy trips and holidays away with no limits or restrictions due to his disability and even further down the line, as a family, we would love to be able to help other families with children like Cieran who have lost limbs due to Meningitis/Meningococcal Septicaemia, who also deserve the independence and freedom that we all take for granted. It shouldn't be much to ask for the best for our children; however we face daily battles for the simplest of things for Cieran, so now we will walk for him, dance for him and jump out planes to help him 'Walk Tall'.